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Patricia (Pat) Levenson

South Florida AutoCAD Drafting, Tutoring and Training


1989: Began drafting with AutoCAD version 9 after five years of drafting manually.

1990: Customizing AutoCAD to maximize efficiency and integrating it with other desktop applications as well as network databases.

1993: Self employed and working predominately as support to Engineering, drafting and design departments. Tasks included, department support, training and customization.

Late 90's - Present: Drifted almost exclusively to custom application development including (but not limited to) network database applications for small to mid-sized companies. Never stopped using AutoCAD. Recent experience in the field of Interior Design.

AutoCAD Drafting - AutoCAD Drafter

35 years experience preparing complex drawings, diagrams, and documents using AutoCAD as well as manual drafting.

Develop drawings based on notes and sketches

2D plans, elevations, perspectives and details in many disciplines including Architectural, Interior Design, Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineering.

3D plans in AutoCAD translated to rendered elevations, perspectives and isometrics.

Work with great speed and accuracy enhanced by customizing tools to fit the particular job requirements.

Florida Training - Tutoring - AutoCAD Lessons

Train people to use AutoCAD for many disciplines.

Understand what's necessary to help individuals get over any obstacles and develop a basic understanding and strong comfort level with AutoCAD quickly.

Sessions length typically 3-4 hours.

Most requiring even the most basic skills are productive after one or two 4 hour sessions.

Customization - Programming

Written and modified hundreds of utility applications in AutoLISP to maximize the efficiency of AutoCAD. These have included simplification of repetative tasks to tracking data to a database tables for countless other uses.


NOTE: I am currently only offering beginner training

Tutoring: $40.00/hour at my office or yours. I also charge $40.00/hour for travel time.

Drafting: Rates are negotiable and based on the discipline and scope of work. Call or email for an estimate.